How to stop hair loss in women

Having a bad hair day at work due to hair thinning? Well, this is usually common to most women especially at the age of 50 or 60 or maybe much earlier. The beauty of every woman is in the hair. When you start loosing hair, for a woman, is loss of beauty, appearance, confident and all that come with the loss of hair. For men, hair loss at times may not have a great impact in their life since men are used to baldness unlike women. So it is very important that we learn how to stop hair loss in women so that we know what steps to take to keep our beautiful hair .

Hair loss is usually very frustrating since you will always have to cover up or use a different hairstyle when hanging out or heading for work. Having full and thicker hair defines your sexuality much better and improves ones beauty and self image. Hair loss in women is more common than it is to men and the sooner you realize any thinning it’s always nice to treat it to avoid further hair thinning. Hair loss can be caused by either infections, illness, chemicals, medications and genetic inheritance and each cause can be solved and treated and hair will grow back in a couple of months or years.

The first signs to tell when one is losing hair are the size of the ponytail getting smaller by the day. You will notice hair loss after washing or combing and also hair on your pillow after sleeping. The after math of hair loss in women is a thinning over the crown unlike the men who will have a receding hairline or a bald head. To stop hair loss in women the following measures will help reduce if not stopping the hair loss.

First do away with tight hair styles that are always repeated, this is because the scalp gets irritated and eventually leading to hair loss. Another issue to address is the intake of carotene rich food and avoiding crash diet that has low protein and lots of vitamin A since it contributes to hair loss. Avoiding emotional stress also helps to stop hair loss in women and if treated hair grows back in 3 to 8 months. Treating ringworm infections if having any, with antifungal medication which will also help stop hair loss, since the infection forms a round bald on the scalp thinning away hair.

If experiencing thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances, they should be treated at once to stop the hair loss especially to those with genetic inheritance. The intake of birth control pills should also be addressed since the hormones that suppress the ovulation usually causes hair to thin in the long run. If under cancer medication you need not to worry because after the medication that usually causes hair loss is done, the hair grows back as it was before. Other solutions used are laser devices and medicine that stimulates growth and eliminates possible hair loss. You can always check with a dermatologist to help know the cause of your hair loss and provide the necessary measures to stop hair loss.


By Al Mackie