Home Treatments for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a devastating thing. When a man or a woman begins to lose their hair and show signs of thinning hair they may not know what to do. There are a number of hair loss treatment products on the market. They have various levels of effectiveness. Others contain harsh chemicals and side effects. There are some home hair loss treatments that a person can try. They will be able to regrow their hair naturally without the risks of the side effects.


Coconuts is able to promote hair growth naturally and condition the hair as it grows. Coconut contains natural fats, iron, and potassium to help stimulate hair growth. All a person has to do is take a little bit of coconut oil and warm it up. This oil is then massaged onto the scalp focusing as well as the hair. The hair should be covered from the root to the tip. The oil if left one for one hour and then washed out. Within a couple of weeks a person will notice their hair is fuller and thicker. Couple these treatment with a healthy and powerful fitness routine is a full life style change that we should adapt to , to keep healthy hair and body knowing How to Successfully lose weight fast and keep it off.

Onion Juice

It may not be the best smelling thing out there but onion juice is effective in helping a person regrow their hair. Onions contain sulphur which will increase collagen production in the body. This will allow hair cells to regrow hair. Hair will also become stronger which will prevent it from falling out. A person needs to chop up an onion and squeeze the juice out of it. The onion juice is put directly on the scalp and allowed to sit there for a period of 15 minutes. The onion juice is rinsed out with a mild shampoo. The hair should be allowed to dry naturally. To see the best effects this should be repeated twice a week.


Garlic also has a strong odor but is effective in reducing the signs of hair loss. Garlic also has a high content of sulphur and is used in many medicines designed to regrow hair. A person takes a couple of garlic cloves and crushed them up. A little bit of coconut oil is added to the garlic. This mixture is put in a pan and allowed to come to a boil. Allow the mixture to cool down and then put it tight on the scalp. The garlic mixture can then sit on the scalp for around 30 minutes before being washed out. This should also be repeated twice a week.


Henna can prevent the hair from falling out. It can also prevent premature graying. A couple of henna flowers are crushed up and mixed with a little sesame oil. The mixture should form a paste. This mixture is put on the scalp and allowed to sit for a few hours. The mixture is then rinsed out with cold water and a gentle shampoo. This will help make hair strong and prevent it from falling out.There are some home treatments for hair loss that are shown to be effective . They all use natural ingredients that have been shown to strengthen the hair and even help regrow hair naturally.


By Al Mackie