Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Many men suffer from hair loss. The older a man gets the more likely he is to start losing his hair. Some people blame this on genetics while other blame hair loss on stress. A man does not have to suffer from hair loss any longer. Some of the best hair loss treatments for men is easy to follow and will help a man regrow his hair in no time.

Types of Hair Loss

There are four main types of hair loss and treatments that are used to help a man regrow his hair. The type of treatment that he uses will depend on the type of hair loss he has.


This is the generic name for popular hair loss medications including Proscar and Propecia. This was developed by a pharmaceutical company and was originally used to treat prostate glands that have become enlarged. While men were using this drug during the trial phase they have noticed that the hairs on their heads begin to regrow. The company then decided to get this medication approved to treat baldness in men. This was one of the first pills that were used to treat hair loss. The FDA approved this medication in 1997 to treat male pattern baldness and was the first drug that has been used to help men regrow their hair. This medication is able to redude DHT levels in the body up to 60 percent when used on a daily basis. DHT has been known to cause the hair follicles to shrink which leads to baldness.


This product is known to many as Rogaine. It was the first treatment that was approved by the FDA to treat baldness in men. At first this medication was used to treat high blood pressure. Researchers then discovered that this product was also able to help men regrow hair. This treatment can also be applied using a topical application to the scalp to help the hair grow. This type of hair loss treatment is known as a growth stimulant.


This type of hair loss treatment is a topical treatment. One of the most common and most effective treatments is the S5 Cream. This type of treatment blocks DHT from reaching the follicles of the hair. This type of treatment is effective for men that are losing their hair due to their hormones.

Anti Inflammatory Treatment

This type of treatment is used to reduce inflammation, itching, and other irritating conditions that are caused by hair loss. The inflammation is due to the immune system reacting to the changes that are happening on the scalp. There are some products including Nizoral Shampoo that are used to treat and reduce inflammation. Once this problem is treated a man will notice that his hair is able to grow again. These products are used every three days alternating with shampoo.
These are some of the most effective treatments that men can use to treat hair loss. These treatments have been shown to be both safe in effective in helping a man regrow his hair.


Al Mackie